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Earth Day resources for creation care

Mother and daughter look at the earth

Discipleship Ministries provides resources for the observance of Earth Day and ongoing efforts at environmental stewardship.

Discipleship Ministries wants to help raise your congregation’s awareness of our collective responsibility to care for the creation God has entrusted to us. They believe this is intrinsically connected to the mission to form faithful disciples. Christ’s teaching often focused on living faithfully with the resources God provides, and with concern and compassion for the poor. We who have chosen to follow Jesus must be aware that in an interconnected world, our actions and decisions have a global impact. This is clearly evident as we consider creation care and the issues raised by climate justice.

“Many may believe that the task of being faithful stewards of God’s creation is too large for one person, one congregation, or even one annual conference to make a difference,” the board explains. “In reality, until we see the call to environmental stewardship as part of God’s call in our own lives—individually and collectively—lasting change is out of reach.”

The resources curated by Discipleship Ministries are designed to help you convince your church and community that their involvement in creation care is an essential part of discipleship. There is a Tool Kit filled with worship ideas, sermon seeds, prayers, hymns, as well as book and film suggestions. There are tips for helping children “go green.” Find activities for working with youth for climate justice. And much more.

Use these tools not only to observe Earth Day on April 22, but to help your congregation identify ways to engage in sustainability and creation care every day.


Last Updated on March 29, 2022

The Michigan Conference