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Churches alive in mission with EngageMI

In mission up north

The Michigan Board of Global Ministries expresses deep gratitude to 50 Michigan congregations recognized as EngageMI Churches in 2020. Their mission giving met their neighbors’ needs.

Senior Content Editor

EngageMI is now entering its third year as the mission engagement program for The Michigan Conference. In July of 2021, the Conference Board of Global Ministries announced the names of 42 United Methodist congregations in Michigan that had fulfilled the steps to become an EngageMI Church in 2020.

Exceling in mission at Old Mission Peninsula UMC
“Ending Hunger, One Step at a Time.” This young CROP walker is the third child in her family to wear the tee-shirt. Dedication like that helped make Old Mission Peninsula UMC an EngageMI Church in 2020. ~ Facebook/Old Mission Peninsula UMC

Since that good news was shared, another eight churches have sent revised information to the board’s representative, Laurie Kaufman delaGarza. Those eight concgregations that were added to the list of 2020 EngageMI Churches are shown here in italics

Central Bay District – Coleman Faith, Mayville, Shepherd, Wagarville, Watrousville, West Branch: First, Pigeon First

East Winds District- Gaines, Grand Blanc, Flint: Court Street, Flushing, Lennon, Lexington, Sandusky: First, South Mundy,  Port Huron: First, West Deerfield

Greater Detroit District- Birmingham: First, Dearborn: Good Shepherd, Gross Pointe, Howarth, Livonia: St. Matthew, Utica, Wyandotte, Troy: Big Beaver, West Bloomfield

Greater Southwest District-  Kalamazoo: Westwood, Gobles, Portage: Chapel Hill, Scotts

Heritage District-  Monroe: St Paul, Northville

Midwest District- Fremont, Lowell: First, Rockford, Turk Lake

MidMichigan District– Bancroft, Holt, Nashville: Peace, Owosso: First, Laingsburg

Northern Skies District- Engadine, Gladstone: Memorial, Gwinn, Hancock: First, Munising, Iron Mountain: Trinity

Northern Waters District- Frankfort, Grawn, Old Mission Peninsula

Earlier, delaGarza thanked the churches for their exceptional generosity. “I was thrilled to read the significant ministry done by our Michigan churches in a year with so many obstacles,” she remarks.

“Despite all the challenges that 2020 presented, 87 churches told God-filled stories of ministry,” delaGarza said. “Regardless of being closed to in-person worship most of the year, congregations found new creative and intentional means of remaining connected and caring for each other and their communities.” In fact, delaGarza noted that many stories told of “unexpected and amazing increase in giving due to the need created by the increase in food insecurity.” 

Troy Big Beaver excels in mission
In February of 2020, the children and youth of Troy: Big Beaver UMC decorated and filled 100 Snax Pax for children in Metro Detroit and 14 care boxes for college students. ~ Facebook/Big Beaver UMC Troy

On behalf of the Conference Board of Global Ministries, Laurie Kaufman delaGarza concludes, “Church buildings may be closed to many of the normal congregational activities, but the United Methodists in Michigan are still doing God’s work, locally and globally. All to the Glory of God!”

EngageMI challenges Michigan Conference congregations to comprehensive missional learning, giving, and action. The goal is to shift from transactional “ministry to” models to relational “ministry with” vulnerable people and communities. The EngageMI program consists of three focus areas: Learn, Give, Act. 

See pages 8-11 of the EngageMI Book 2020-2021 to learn about the steps to become an EngageMI Church. EngageMI reports for 2021 are due by January 10, 2022. The report form can be found here.

Last Updated on October 9, 2022

The Michigan Conference