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Children’s Story Bibles


One important way to teach and pass on the foundations of the Christian faith are through stories in the Bible. But there are SO many to choose from! Here are a few that I recommend!

Spark Story Bible – Great for ages 3-7, brightly colored illustrations, a wide-variety of 150 stories. The Bible may be heavier for littles, but the stories are easy to read and keep kids attention. Each story ends with a question or action response. Also available in a family edition with 100 stories.

Deep Blue Bible Storybook – Written for ages 3-6, this Storybook Bible contains a 146 stories. Some of the characters from the Deep Blue curriculum are also featured in the book. Also available in a Toddler edition that includes 19 stories.

Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible – Written for kids age 4-8, this story Bible organizes the 150 stories by themes, including Strong Women and Men; Listening for God; Parables; and more. The story book features diverse, beautiful artwork from more than twenty artists. From the Amazon description: “Each story is built on the latest in biblical scholarship and learning theory and helps children begin to understand the Bible and apply its teachings to the world around them.” Each story also includes three reflection questions.

The Beginner’s Bible – Written for kids age 6 and under, The Beginner’s Bible features 90 favorite Bible stories. The stories are easy to read and the illustrations are brightly colored. 

The Read and Learn Bible – This is a great Bible for younger elementary age children to read with a parent. Includes favorite stories as well as discussion starters.

Do you have a Children’s Bible that you LOVE?! Share it on the Children’s Ministry Facebook group or with Kathy Pittenger.

Last Updated on November 1, 2023

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