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Your call is worth exploring

Paul Reissmann being ordained

Young adults looking at ministry options through the UMC should attend the February Exploration event in Florida. Conference grants to aid travel are available.

Kindness matters this Christmas

Christmas tree ornament with Mary and Joseph

In this season of love, Bishop David Bard invites us to let the Holy Spirit enlarge our hearts so they stay a little bigger and kinder.

Mission is a two-way street

Paul Webster introducing Temba Nkomozepi

United Methodist missionary Temba Nkomozepi recently sat down with Rev. Alex Plum to talk about the work at Mujila Falls in Zambia and how he views mission as bidirectional.

What do home missioners do?

Bill and Michelle White from 5Loaves2Fish Northern Michigan

Bill White, co-founder of 5Loaves2Fish Northern Michigan, is one of three home missioners featured in an online event about this ministry path for laity.

Start the year with the Holy Spirit

Dove symbolizes Holy Spirit

The Rev. Paul Perez says, “I’m not a fan of January.” He turns to scripture and finds words of grace that lift the spirit. “You are one of God’s beloveds… Continue Reading Start the year with the Holy Spirit

UMW’s new wineskins for new times

New wineskins for UMW

“We are making new wine and new wineskins to fulfill our role in God’s mission,” says Yvette Moore, a leader in the global United Methodist Women.

Conferences plan hybrid events

Themes of several conferences

Race and LGBTQ inclusiveness are among top issues on the agenda of virtual annual conferences taking place across the U.S. and around the world.

AC 2021 offering will change lives

HAPI to receive 45% of conference offering

There is no actual offering plate at a virtual annual conference. However, Michigan United Methodists are invited to make contributions that will support our covenant partners in Haiti and Liberia.

New life through healthy transitions

Transitions can have thorny spots

Appointments are being made. Transitions are beginning. This virtual workshop on April 17, 10 am to noon, will help pastors and congregational leadership prepare for healthy goodbyes and hellos.

Thoughts on choosing vaccination

Vaccination and lab tech

Noting that people’s responses to COVID-19 vaccination fall on a spectrum, the Rev. Paul Perez plans to be vaccinated and encourages others to do so, too.

The Michigan Conference