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Advocacy alert issued for Drive SAFE bills

Driver's license application

The Michigan Conference Committee on Hispanic/Latino Ministries urges United Methodists to contact their state legislators now to vote for bills supporting driver’s licenses for all.

Woman and child
Patsy Coffman, volunteer coordinator for the Neighbor’s English as a Second Language Ministry at Elsie UMC, says that in one month’s time, there is a need for transportation at least 22 times. Driving without a license puts these families at risk. Patsy’s story inspires the Michigan Conference to support state legislation that would allow all immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses and state I.D.s. ~ photo courtesy Patsy Coffman

Dear Justice Seekers,

At Annual Conference 2022, the Hispanic/Latino Ministries Committee presented a policy resolution to support Drive SAFE (Safety, Access, Freedom, and the Economy) legislation which would support driver’s licenses for all, regardless of immigration status. This resolution was adopted, along with ones on student debt relief and gun safety. 

We are pleased to announce that Drive SAFE legislation was introduced in the Michigan legislature in April. Information on the bills and their sponsors follow:

HB 4410 (Rep. Abraham Aiyash), 4411 (Rep. Rachel Hood), and 4412 (Rep. Tyrone Carter)

SB 0265 (Sen. Erika Geiss), 0266 (Sen. Sylvia Santana), and 0267 (Sen. Stephanie Chang)

You can also find information on who has co-sponsored the bill. If you see your legislator’s name, please contact them and thank them. If you don’t see their name, please contact them and ask them to support the bills.

For an overview and history of this legislation, watch an informative and engaging video of a panel hosted by the League of Women Voters of Leelanau County.

To learn more about this issue and ways to stay engaged, connect with Drive Michigan Forward. Drive Michigan Forward is a coalition made up of immigrants and their allies whose goal is to restore driver’s licenses to all and pave the way for basic dignity and security for members of our community.

Thank you,

Michigan Conference Committee on Hispanic/Latino Ministries
Tori Booker, Advocacy and Outreach Manager and Regional Liaison, JFON-MI, [email protected]
Sonya Luna, Coordinator of Latinx Ministries, [email protected]

Last Updated on January 30, 2024

The Michigan Conference