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Golden Cross Sunday blesses

May 7 is Golden Cross Sunday in the Michigan Area. Your gifts benefit children and seniors.

Golden Cross Sunday provides an offering opportunity to support:

  • camperships for summer camp
  • children who have been abused or neglected, and
  • seniors who have outlived their savings.  

 Three organizations benefit from Golden Cross Sunday: United Methodist Outdoor and Retreat Ministries; Methodist Children’s Home Society; and United Methodist Retirement Communities (UMRC) Foundation.  

You can help promote Golden Cross Sunday by distributing offering envelopes, placing an insert in your bulletin, and/or including information in your monthly newsletter.  

To request Golden Cross offering envelopes, please contact Amy Craig, UMRC Foundation Office Manager, at 734-433-1000 ext. 7502 or by e-mail at [email protected].  

While May 7 is the traditional Golden Cross Sunday, you are welcome to celebrate Golden Cross on the Sunday of your choice.  

Thank you very much for your support of these ministries and the vulnerable populations they serve.  For more information, please contact:  

Methodist Children’s Home Society, Brooke Adams, 313-531-9464, [email protected]   

United Methodist Outdoor & Retreat Ministries, George Ayoub, 888-217-1905 ext. 1229, [email protected] 

United Methodist Retirement Communities (UMRC) Foundation, Lisa French, 734-433-1000 ext. 7426, [email protected]

Last Updated on December 29, 2022

The Michigan Conference