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Care for the troops

United Methodists go beyond prayers on Veterans Day to support active troops and their families.


Although The United Methodist Church opposes war and urges nations to find peaceful means of conflict resolution, the church honors, supports, and upholds in our prayers those men and women who serve in our armed services and, in addition, honors and supports those United Methodist clergy who serve as chaplains.

United Methodists also are committed to providing pastoral ministry to members of the armed forces and their families both during their service and after their return home. Congregations are encouraged to support those serving through prayer and to welcome their participation in the ministry of the church once they return.

The church also advocates on behalf of veterans, particularly those who are suffering from physical and emotional injuries, for medical care and benefits to promote their healing and successful return to civilian life.

This kind of care goes beyond a few patriotic litanies or hymns selected for the 4th of July or Veterans Day. Click here for ministry ideas that will strengthen your outreach to U.S. Armed Forces. Ideas like “Adopt-a-Platoon,”  “Sew Much Comfort,” “Meals for Military,” and “Strength for Service” devotionals.

Last Updated on August 2, 2016

The Michigan Conference