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Thoughts on moving, and acorns

David and Glenys Nellist

When God calls. Glenys Nellist shares how clergy families often feel upon moving to a home in a new appointment.


We cried.

Not many people know that, but when David and I got the phone call that we were moving to Dearborn, we cried.

We stood in our quiet lake home and looked at each other. And we knew, right then, that we wouldn’t say no. We could have. But we would never do that. If you sign up for the itinerant life as a pastor (which we did) and if you believe that God called you to it (which we do) then how could we say no? We couldn’t.

So we packed up our boxes and we cleared out our home and we stood on the dock and watched one last sunset and I rode to my cornfield to say goodbye. And I peeked in the robin’s nest one final time and bade farewell to my favorite tree, the one that always reminded me of a ballerina.

And we moved.

To the city…

So what did we find in Dearborn?

We found that although we weren’t surrounded by a lake, we were certainly showered with love.

We found a beautiful home and people with beautiful hearts, waiting to greet us there.

There’s a sunny, peaceful place for me to write…

And a cozy back porch where just the three of us: me, God and the cardinal have a date each morning…

We have our very first ‘Reading Room’…

And a gorgeous neighborhood in which to walk, filled with splendid, splendid trees..

And acorns… So. Many. Acorns.

Acorn and HandI picked this one up yesterday and held it in my hand.

All that promise.

All that potential.

All that power.

Right there in that one small seed.

I’m sure it wasn’t too happy about leaving its cozy spot high up in that tree.

But all it needs is to be picked up and planted: in the right place, at the right time.

And then showered with love…


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