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Take action to end world hunger

Child suffering from hunger eating at garbage pile

Hunger in the United States is affecting fewer households. It’s possible the world could be rid of it by 2030 through focused collaboration, according to the Bread for the World Institute. 

When things get ugly

Heart and cross

The Rev. Dr. Glenn Wagner describes how “ugly” happens between persons, parties, and nations. God’s response to ugliness is Jesus.

A story of three families

Two fathers in the film Beautifully Broken

A film relates the personal struggles of United Methodists in Tennessee that intertwined with a gruesome time in Rwandan history.

Syria … light in the darkness

Comparing the effects of war to cancer, the Rev. Jack Amick describes UMCOR’s ongoing efforts to aid Syrian refugees.

Bethlehem limits Christmas

Hanna Amireh, who heads a government committee on churches in the West Bank, confirmed the Palestinian Authority is requesting “a certain decrease” in Christmas festivities following the deaths of dozens of Palestinians since mid-September.

Enlarging the welcome

THOMAS KEMPER General Bd of Global Ministries The arrival in Europe of massive numbers of Middle Eastern refugees is causing crises for humanitarian organizations and churches as well as for governments. At such a time, scripture draws us to Matthew 25:35b: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me,” Jesus said in a sermon about… Continue Reading Enlarging the welcome

Of beaches and boats

Glenys Nellist is a writer with a passion for God, her family, and children’s ministry. She serves as the Children’s Coordinator for the West Michigan Conference and her husband, David, pastors Grand Rapids Trinity United Methodist Church. In her most recent blog, Why I Don’t Understand God, Glenys reflects on her weekend activities on a… Continue Reading Of beaches and boats

Coping with Europe’s migration crisis

LINDA BLOOM United Methodist News Service In Messstetten, Germany, where a former military barrack serves as an initial processing center for asylum seekers, the town’s 5,000 residents are coping with an influx of some 1,000 refugees.It is part of a new wave of migration that has washed across Europe, increasing in volume over the past… Continue Reading Coping with Europe’s migration crisis

Mideast Christians feel forgotten

LINDA BLOOM United Methodist News Service The Syrian refugee crisis continues to be an international concern and active threats remain against Christians and other minority religious groups in Syria and Iraq.

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