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New possibilities for Re-Launch

RE-launch offers new birth

Paul Nixon, of Discipleship Ministries’ Path 1, says now is the time for churches to discover fresh vitality. Gary Step will lead Zoom conversations that explain more.

MIfaith e-letter coming soon

Hands touching a flower

An email newsletter called MIfaith begins publication the week after Easter. Watch for it in your inbox on April 26th. 

Keep mission focus sharp

Fear and finances take their toll on a church’s creativity and initiative. Bishop Robert Schnase offers tips on staying focused.

Snapshots of Vitality 1

Not on Facebook? You are missing a window into awesome things happening among the faithful in the Michigan Area.

Vitality of churches measured

New Jersey Area Bishop John Schol has released the 2014 Vitality Report on U.S. United Methodist churches.

Cornerstone on fast track

The Rev. Len Wilson tracks large UM churches. Cornerstone UMC has been in his top 25 since 2011.

Who are the Victors, anyway?

LAURIE HALLER Birmingham First UMC, Sr. Pastor It’s exciting even for someone who is not hard core. Imagine sitting in a stadium of 106,000 rabid football fans, a part of… Continue Reading Who are the Victors, anyway?