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She’s crossin’ the line

Bridget Nelson, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, shares plans and goals for months to come.

Lasting impact of camp

More than 2 million kids attend Christian camps in the U. S. every summer. So what?

Your spiritual path

Struggling on your faith journey? Try these ways to get out of that rut.

What is expected of godparents?

Have you been asked to be a godparent for a child. What does that invitation mean?

Journey deeper for Lent

So you gave up chocolate for Lent? How about going a step further?

‘Praygrounds’ let children come

Two Michigan congregations featured in this month’s Interpreter Magazine.

Lent is not a tightrope

Ash Wednesday is over and Lent is underway. It’s time to find God in the ordinary

It matters what churches call classes

Teacher Jen Wilkin asks churches to “Stop calling everything a Bible study!”

Support for children’s workers

ThisĀ Grand Rapids District Children’s Ministry Network provides encouragement and resourcing.

40 Days with Wesley

Lenten devotional combines Wesleyan focus with the insightful reflections of Bishop Rueben Job.

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