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Mid-Michigan dialogue

Aerial photo of farm

A high-flying experience at the controls of an airplane provides a new perspective on a family farm and The United Methodist Church.

Two from Michigan at The Table

The Rev. Dr. Jerome DeVine take a place on The United Methodist Connectional Table.

‘And so it begins’

This Perspective on Hope encourages clergy and churches to “seek other seas.”

Moving Michigan forward together

Consider the “Platinum Rule” as a counter to the current news cycle and a way to live in beloved community.

New D.S.s named

Rev. Dr. Jerome DeVine and Rev. Dr. Margie Crawford will join the Michigan Cabinet in 2018.

Garden of our soul

Nurturing a seed

In this month’s Perspectives on Hope, we learn how to tend our spiritual soil.

Unexpected grace

This month’s Perspectives on Hope remind us that life has some surprises along the way.

Emotions of transition

This “Perspective on Hope” offers insight into the process of “letting go.”

Building? Stay flexible!

This month’s Perspectives on Hope involves the challenges and surprises in rebuilding.

Take away some labels

This month’s Perspectives on Hope explores ways to build bridges in times of distrust and division.

The Michigan Conference