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Final disaffiliation report released

Church pew

The Michigan Conference publishes the final report on the impact of disaffiliation on the conference and the complete list of disaffiliating churches.

Agenda set for Special Session

Voting at Annual Conference

The Michigan Conference publishes the agenda and names of churches to be approved for disaffiliation and closure at the November 30 Special Session of Annual Conference.

Bishops call for General Conference in 2026

Two bishops presiding over meeting

The Council of Bishops is recommending an additional church meeting in 2026 to reestablish connection and recast the mission and vision for the UMC.

Conferences diverge in handling church exits

Roads splitting

Disaffiliation decisions have been passed down to the annual conference level, and each U.S. annual conference is trying to balance providing gracious exists for congregations wishing to leave and serving… Continue Reading Conferences diverge in handling church exits

The Michigan Conference