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Advent outreach tools from UMCOM

Boy with Nigerian nativity set

Advent is six weeks away. It’s not too late to order resources to reach out to your congregation and community during this 2018 holiday season.

Plugging into the ‘DNA of possibility’

An opportunity for transformation … the Michigan Office of Congregational Vibrancy hosts the REACH Summit November 2-3 in East Lansing. 

Fresh Expressions opens doors

The movement began in Great Britain then jumped the pond to the U.S. Now Fresh Expressions is coming to Michigan.

The first ten minutes

“Often the barrier to Christ isn’t spiritual—it’s us,” says pastor Carey Nieuwhof.

Create trust through social media

Share your church’s story by building trustworthy online relationships with members and neighbors.

Extending the table

A classic hymn sparks a holiday memory and reflection by the Rev. Dwayne Bagley.

Worship is no ‘silver bullet’

Vital worship involves a clear understanding of the theological purpose of worship and the congregation’s cultural context.

See all the people

Discipleship Ministries starts a grass-roots effort for making a million new disciples by 2020.

Turn your church inside-out

Ben Ingebretson believes that to connect with people, you need to meet them where they are.

Mission is brewing in Georgia

Two United Methodists operate an artisanal coffee company that supports mission.

The Michigan Conference