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UMs spread their ‘healing wings’

Ruth Ann Church talks to Rep. Felicia Brabec

Through courageous witness, 250 United Methodists and friends journeyed to the State Capitol to tell their stories and champion mental health care access for all Michiganders.

Attend Advocacy Day in Lansing

You can still join over 230 registered justice seekers at the March 13 event in Lansing. Key activities are open. Watch the press conference and worship service online if you… Continue Reading Attend Advocacy Day in Lansing

Pastor speaks up for mental health

Two people holding a heart

Mental health care is vital for one United Methodist pastor’s teen, and the pastor says we can offer public witness to improve access in our state by participating in Advocacy… Continue Reading Pastor speaks up for mental health

Mental health care is a justice matter

Deacon Michelle King shares her story of mental illness and why she commits to fighting for justice so that everyone gets the treatment they need — no matter what.

Advocacy Day 2024 to address mental health

People walking from the Michigan State Capitol

The Michigan Conference announces Advocacy Day 2024, to be held March 13 in Lansing, and the topic is mental health care access.

The Michigan Conference