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Good, God, and Holy Friday

Crown of thorns and cross for Good Friday

Rev. Paul Hahm walks us through the theological spectrum of meanings ascribed to Good Friday, inviting us to embrace them all.

One thing they have in common

Affirm our common humanity

What do mass shooters have in common? The Rev. Jack Harnish notes that most are white males targeting racial minorities. He adds, “In the long run, I have to believe… Continue Reading One thing they have in common

Wisdom for living in these times

Sunny times

“We don’t choose the times; the times choose us,” says the Rev. Jack Harnish. However, we can at all times “strive to live and work for the kingdom of God.”

Business as usual

Words spoken in South Africa decades ago, have meaning for present-day America.

Why we need evangelicals

Bishop Ken Carter takes on the word “evangelical” and what it really means … and it’s life-giving.

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