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NCJ delegate election canceled

Delegates waiting to vote in election

The special election for reserve delegates to the 2024 NCJ Conference, scheduled for this year’s Michigan Annual Conference, has been canceled.

Bishop Bard addresses GC delay

Bishop Bard shares message on AAPI violence

Bishop David Bard comments on two important decisions made this week. The General Conference has been postponed until August 2022. In the meantime, an online session in May 2021 will… Continue Reading Bishop Bard addresses GC delay

Listening in Saginaw

KAY DeMOSS Senior Editor-Writer, Michigan Area SAGINAW, Mich., January 30, 2016 (MIC) – The first of six Listening Sessions hosted by the Area Design Team was held today at First… Continue Reading Listening in Saginaw

Episcopal nominees sought

West Michigan and Detroit Conference North Central Jurisdictional Conference Delegations met on Nov. 4, 2015 and agreed to work together to undertake the solicitation, review, and endorsement of episcopal nominees… Continue Reading Episcopal nominees sought

NCJ retains same number of bishops

The North Central Jurisdiction reviewed membership statistics and demonstrates there will still be nine bishops in the region for the coming quadrennium.

Episcopal candidates named

The North Central Jurisdictional Conference is held every four years and will next convene in Peoria, IL July 13-16, 2016.

Number of bishops may be reduced

Nashville, TN – The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA), has notified the North Central and Northeastern Jurisdictional leadership that the number of bishops representing those areas could be… Continue Reading Number of bishops may be reduced

West Michigan Delegation listens

The 2016 General/Jurisdictional Conference Delegates of the West Michigan Conference invite input as they prepare to go to Portland and Peoria next year.

The Michigan Conference