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Communion in the moonlight

Postage stamp of the moon landing. Communion with the Creator.

Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon, but did you know that another astronaut was the first person to take Holy Communion in space?

Further from home and closer to God

Hiking away from home in the hills

Rev. Benton Heisler explains that no matter how many miles we travel from home, in joy and in discouragement, God is there to take us in and show us love.

Bishop Bard blesses Michigan campers

Families at beach at Lakeview Camp

Four sites will not open in 2019. Bishop David Bard pens a letter of encouragement and hope to those considering a summer-time experience at a United Methodist Campground in Michigan. 

Remember the essentials

Robin in nest

As we move toward Easter and the promise of new life, the Rev. Benton Heisler encourages all to keep focused on the essentials that unite us in God through Jesus Christ.

Christ’s love shared in the Philippines

Two filipino children at the revival

A four-person team from Michigan’s Central Bay District traveled to the Philippine islands, February 15-21, to share the Love of Jesus Christ. They were led by District Superintendent David Kim.

The Little Drummer Boy

What’s your favorite carol? A woman recounts how she and her piano are like the little drummer boy.

I want to run away

Add ‘Sutherland Springs’ to the list this pastor penned in his reflection for ‘Questioning’ in ReThink Church. 

Love Jesus, love church

Church Steeple

In this month’s blog, Bishop Bard discusses challenges and blessings of loving the church.

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