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Commerce UMC passes on sweet recipe

Men making Christmas candy at a church

The United Methodist Men’s group at Commerce UMC makes Christmas candy as a fundraiser for mission, and other congregations are following suit.

2023 Ministry Shares due December 31

Girl taking up offering at church

Churches have until December 31 to submit final Ministry Share remittances for 2023, and any Ministry Shares received in the new year will be applied to 2024.

Michigan’s EngageMI gifts lead UMC

Speaker at conference

STEP THREE: In 2022 Michigan churches’ contributions through EngageMI increased by 38%. We led the denomination in giving to national and international advance projects. Continue Reading Michigan’s EngageMI gifts lead UMC

Four UM churches honored for generosity

Church receiving award, grant

The United Methodist Foundation of Michigan recently named four United Methodist churches as leaders in generosity and stewardship.

Conference celebrates EngageMI churches

Doing repairs

The Michigan Conference celebrates how many United Methodist congregations here in Michigan are leaders in mission through the EngageMI program.

Michigan ranks number 1 in mission

Giving an award

At the 2023 Annual Conference, the Michigan Conference was recognized as giving more to mission than any other annual conference.

Simple practices encourage generosity

Fruits of generosity

Resources from the United Methodist Foundation of Michigan help nurture a culture of generosity.

5 summertime giving tips

Giving joy through ice cream

“The offering is not a transactional experience – it should be transcendent,” says Desie Delve Scheuermann. She suggests five ways to stay ahead of the summer slump in giving.

Neighbors find love on Green Street

Green Street UMC ingathering of food

When the pandemic struck in Michigan, Green Street United Methodist Church in Hastings found new ways to share Christ’s love with their community.

Tips that increase online giving

Credit card used for online giving

Security, consistency, framing, and celebration are some key talking points for encouraging and increasing online giving says Pastor Jeremy Steele.

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