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Love overcomes COVID weariness

Bible dispels weariness

Sharing examples of biblical leaders who battled weariness, the Rev. Dr. Marcel Lamb reminds us that God is still with us, leading us onward through the pandemic. 

Living in the harbor of faith

Take your fear to the harbor of faith

Ryan Dunn tells the story of John Wesley’s voyage with the Moravians and what they taught him about faith and dealing with fear.

Fear, faith, and Easter

Disciples run in fear

Coronavirus has impacted us all. Bishop David Bard explores the nature of fear and the human response to it. He concludes, “So, maybe Easter is about both fear and joy.”

A joyful journey

Potter's Hands at work

Bishop David A. Bard speaks about clay vessels as he announces opportunities to listen and converse, with him and Michigan delegates, around questions and concerns about the 2019 General Conference.

Busy serving the Master

Bishop Gregory Palmer says prayer and mission engagement can overcome fear.

Overcoming fear, bonding with others

Bishop William H. Willimon’s new book examines the “biology of fear” and the Christian response.

Tips for keeping cool in hot times

Ministry coach Rebekah Simon-Peter offers 7 tips on how to keep cool when times are hot.

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