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Addiction and God’s grace

Children are born, grow up and then have babies of their own — one grandmother reflects on her blessings.

Why Christmas traditions matter

Familiar Christmas customs connect people with fond memories and loving relationships.

Small church as surrogate family

Small church offers a face-to-face family for those whose kin are far-away.

Only a mom

David Stahl, President of Kids Hope USA, talks about the uniqueness of a mom’s love.

May is family month

Discipleship Ministries offers tips for faith-filled family time during Christian Home Month.

Bibles lost and found

We all have found left-behind Bibles. But have we taken the time to return them to those named on their pages?

Home words bound

Rev. Benton Heisler reflects on the time capsule created through a collection of annual Christmas letters.

Recipes with roots

A granddaughter recounts how her grandmother lives on through time in the kitchen with her cookbook.

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