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Let's Get To Work

Congratulations! You've made it this far. Many people turn down the daunting task of facing their own limitations. The cultural vibrancy team truly appreciates your commitment to better understanding yourself and those around you, even though the work can be frustrating. 

Below you will find rescources selected to help guide you in your cultural understaning. We recommend starting with the small resources first (that is, those that don't take much time like a video or arcticle) and moving to those that are more time consuming. We sincerely hope that you try to engage with each resource with an open mind. 

Plan to spend some time after reading or watching your resource to journal. Give yourself at least fifteen minutes to de-compress and explore any feelings, questions, and assumptions you may have. These will be helpful in guiding you towards next steps in your growth. 

Thank you again for your commitment to Cultural Vibrancy.

This image perfectly captures the essence of this journey; it is one that leads us to greater compassion and love through greater understanding.


The Problem with that "Equality vs Equity" Graphic you're using: Understanding the difference between equality and equity has another layer to it that often goes un-explored. (20 mins) Read Here

Actions are Illegal, Never People: Jose Antonio Vargas talks about his experience as an American without papers. (16 mins) Watch Here

How the Irish Became White: An interview with author Noel Ignatiev on his book: Race Traitor: How the Irish Became White. In the interview Noel explains the history of European immigrants trading their culture for whiteness. (22 mins) Read Here

An African American and Latinx History of the United States: The history of the united states as told through the perspectives of African American and Latinx lives. (Book) Read Summary Here

White Fragility: This book explores White Fragility and how it creates a road block to greater racial understanding. Read Summary Here