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Talking with Children about the Conflict in Ukraine

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, our children may continue to have questions about what is going on, how we can pray, and what we can do. There are many great articles below about talking to children about conflict and war, what’s happening in Ukraine, how to pray, being a peacemaker, and supporting the humanitarian response from UMCOR.

Talking about the Conflict in Ukraine (Real Kids, Real Faith)

How to Talk with Children about what’s happening in Ukraine (metro.co.uk)

How to Talk to Children about Conflict and War (Unicef)

A Collection of Prayers for Ukraine (not necessarily focused on children, but can be adapted or used as is)

Talking to Kids about the Ukraine Invasion (PBSSoCal)

Helping Children to Pray for Ukraine (Ministry Ark)

How Do We Talk to Kids About Scary Times? (Housman Institute)

Talking with kids about being Peacemakers: while this resource is a few years old, you may find pieces helpful to explore with your family. Especially the children’s book (God’s Dream by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams), the prayers for peace, and the symbols for peace. 

Supporting the Humanitarian Response in Ukraine (UMCOR)

Prayer for God's Children in Times of Trouble

Download these resources in a pdf

Additional Resources about responding to trauma, violence, and scary things can be found here.

Kathy Pittenger
Children’s Initiatives Coordinator

Last Updated on September 20, 2022

Talking with Children about the Conflict in Ukraine

The Michigan Conference