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Protect yourself from scams and frauds

Man on the phone holding a credit card

Naomi García describes how to avoid scams we are liable to fall for by paying attention to what our body, heart, and spirit are telling us.

What’s feeding your soul?

Winter morning beside a lake

Rev. David Berkey of Michigan Area United Methodist Camping calls us to respond to the isolation and despair caused by recent news by accessing the gifts and power of the… Continue Reading What’s feeding your soul?

Surprised, confused, and born anew

Kite flying in the sky

Throughout Lent, campus ministry leaders will provide devotions based on the Gospel lectionary scriptures. Laura Todd from Albion College writes about the confusing yet liberating place we find ourselves in… Continue Reading Surprised, confused, and born anew

Accepting our belovedness

Snowdrop in snow

Throughout Lent, Wesley campus ministry leaders will provide devotions based on the Gospel lectionary scriptures. Audra Hudson Stone from CMU looks to Jesus’ temptation as an example of how we… Continue Reading Accepting our belovedness

Exploring new vistas of faith

Rev. Scott Harmon wrestles with what new adventures in faithful living God is calling the church to today.

Food for body and soul

Dropping off potatoes for mission

Enrich your Lenten journey this year by using a devotional published by the Society of St. Andrew or by participating in one of their ministries that feed and nourish our… Continue Reading Food for body and soul

O how I love Jesus

Cross with sunset in background

Rev. Margie Crawford asks us to look at the humanity of Jesus to understand better his mission to save and transform us.

Let go. Rest. Incubate.


Lisa Batten’s recent experience at the UMC LEAD Conference affirmed that we, as the church, must continually evaluate what we’re doing so that we can risk something new.

Your happy place and sacred space

Empire sand dunes on Lake Michigan

Retired pastor Jack Harnish has felt what research has proven, that spending time outdoors is good for the body and soul.

Write a big, bold vision for your church

Vision board

What is your congregation passionate about? What’s your purpose? Sonya Luna encourages churches to answer these questions by creating a vision board to see this dream come to life.

The Michigan Conference