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Bonnie D. Byadiah

July 14, 1930 – March 4, 2023

Pastor Bonnie D. Byadiah, passed from this world on March 4, 2023. Born into it on July 14, 1930, daughter of Harper and Verde Dunlap, big sister to Harper, Marion (Mroz), Kelly, and Nancy (King). She was smart as a whip, skipping grades and yearning for piano lessons but since she could play without lessons, it was an extravagance. We all paid the price for that: her two requirements for her own four children were simple: “as long as you are my child, you will take swimming and piano lessons.”

She went to Michigan State University, marrying Jim Welch one year short of graduation. Four kids and many exciting chapters later, she finished her undergraduate studies at Oakland University some 23 years later. Ed was born in Mississippi on an Air Force base during the Korean War, Patricia in Detroit — and ten years later came Lee and Elizabeth. Bonnie was a wonderful mother, establishing traditions and lots of “homemade” – homemade clothes, fabulous homemade Christmas cookies, and home canned food from Dad’s garden. She became a painter – working in oils – and then taught painting in adult education classes and even in our front yard. She was very involved in the church, in study clubs and book groups, always working on her college degree – and she kept playing the piano, working her way through the Beethoven sonatas. She was an organizer – able to round up our family for cross-country camping trips or to organize group trips to Stratford’s Shakespeare Festival in Canada and to the Holy Land, Germany, and Russia… she loved to travel.

In 1978 she began seminary studies at Union Seminary in Ohio and served for about 20 years in the United Methodist Church at Caro, Burton, and Pontiac Cooperative Parish: First. She bravely took on major projects, protesting for peace, and speaking out for justice. She married Cleg Bordeaux, retiring from ministry and traveling in an RV to see more of the country. She played the piano for their Eastern Star chapter and was the great organizer of family reunions. She loved ballroom dancing (even with a number pinned on her back), singing in choirs, visiting her grandchildren, and all things mystical.

Since 2014 she lived with Lee in Covington, Louisiana, enjoying his fabulous cooking and care. She played bridge with cousin Elaine and Aunt Nina, had family gatherings, and watched every manner of sports on television.

In recent times, she knew her time was short and had visions of angels trying to recruit her for youth group leadership in heaven. She thought she might prefer a different assignment. Her name (Byadiah) came to her in a vision. She looked it up and discovered it meant “in the hand of God”. And so, she was and is. We know that she touched many people in her lifetime, but none more than her own children. We were very lucky to have such a wonderful mother and will miss her enormously. Ninety-two years is a good run by any measure – but we will miss her, even so.

*Byadiah, Bonnie D. (Cleg Bordeaux) – DECEASED [(RE) P 1980; F 1983; RE 1997] Caro (assoc) 1981; Burton 1983; Pontiac Cooperative Parish: First 1992; Retired 1997. <> Home: 664 Nichols, Auburn Hills 48326 (248) 852-2711


Last Updated on March 8, 2023

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