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Radical faith for everyday

Intentionality guides two West Michigan women’s efforts to bring diversity and community into their families’ lives.

Interpreter Magazine

Rejecting the American Dream, choosing downward mobility and intentionally seeking diverse community are not popular decisions. But those are some of the very things Sarah Arthur and Erin Wasinger set out to do.

Arthur and Wasinger, who attend and teach at Sycamore Creek Church, a multi-campus United Methodist church plant, in Lansing, Michigan, coauthored the book A Year of Small Things: Radical Faith for the Rest of Us (Brazos Press), which details their journey in practices of new monasticism.

These practices, also referred to as the “marks” of new monasticism, include emphases on location, hospitality, justice, reconciliation and community, and how they affect humanity’s relationships with God, others and creation.

In engaging diverse communities and living into the practices of new monasticism, Arthur said it’s important to understand your role and God’s role. Read more.