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Art in the heart of Grand Rapids

artist with children

An Art Therapy studio, hosted by Leara Glinzak, is an extension of the ministry of Grand Rapids: First United Methodist Church. “My goal,” she says, “is to get people inspired and curious.” KAY DEMOSS Senior Content Editor, Michigan Conference What was it about the recent burning of Notre Dame Cathedral that touched the soul of… Continue Reading Art in the heart of Grand Rapids

Growing in the dark during Lent

Green sprout growing from seed

March 6 is Ash Wednesday, a time to enter dark places of life to declutter and create space for miracles.

What’s the buzz about Jesus Christ Superstar

The Easter Sunday broadcast of Superstar “has more implications than what you may think.” says this reviewer.

Disconnect to connect

The psalmist provides a way to disengage from frenzy in order to restore balance and centeredness.

Where do you pray?

There’s no wrong place to pray. But for some people some spaces are more holy that others.

Radical faith for everyday

Intentionality guides two West Michigan women’s efforts to bring diversity and community into their families’ lives.

Finding balance

ReThink Church offers a  timely tip for organizing the 168 hours in your week. 

‘Frontiersman’ Carl Gladstone

A deacon in Detroit Michigan shares about the shape of creative spirituality.

Spiritual drunkenness

June 4th is Pentecost. It’s a time to open ourselves to new spiritual encounters.

Religious AND spiritual

In this month’s blog, Drinking from the Cup, Rev. John Boley affirms tradition kept fresh by grace.