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God’s amazing power

When change happens–to a campground or to a conference–God can act in new ways.

2017 Annual Conference

In this month’s blog, Rev. Benton Heisler covers “the basics” of Annual Conference.

Witness of Faith

White lily on the book on the old wooden background

This month’s ‘Homewords Bound’ puts a focus on the ways grief gives way to joy.

Healthy disruption

In this month’s blog, Home Words Bound, Rev. Benton Heisler puts things in perspective.

Anticipate change with excitement

Having courage and hope in the midst of change is the subject of Rev. Benton Heisler’s January blog.

Home words bound

Rev. Benton Heisler reflects on the time capsule created through a collection of annual Christmas letters.

It’s time to be still

In the midst of storms–of winds and of words–Rev. Benton Heisler suggests it is time to slow down, stand back and listen for God.

Home Words Bound

Rev. Benton Heisler talks about the nature of the creative process … of furniture and an annual conference.

First impressions

The Rev. Benton Heisler reflects on the beauty of getting to know babies, a bishop and one’s neighbors.

A matter of life and death

In his blog, Home Words Bound, Benton Heisler names the sins of the world and looks for leaders who will act against them in the power of Christ.

The Michigan Conference