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2020 Reach Summit

The 2020 Reach Summit will be held ONLINE. The annual REACH Summit event is designed to spark creativity, inspire your leadership and transform your church. If your church is ready to attract new members, make new disciples and take a leap of faith to become a vital and growing ministry, then you need to attend… Continue Reading 2020 Reach Summit

Readiness 2 Launch (R2L) Information Session

Plan worship for online; adapt it to live space. Entwine the worship order, website, social media. Help people serve in their own locations. Create Online Community. Staff for online. Information Session: September 21, 2020 2pm EST Click Here to Register for an Information Session Want more information? Click Here  

Help at the starting line

Berkley First found help in Fresh Expressions.

Pastors and churches in Michigan have gone through months of learning new things. More help is available from the Office of Congregational Vibrancy.

Let’s talk doing #churchdifferent

Conservations see world new way

The world is not the same as it was just weeks ago. How can we see the possibilities to be the church in a different world? Join conversations hosted by REACH Resources.

REACH Summit 2018

Spark Creativity, Inspire Leaders, Transform Your Church  REACH Summit Equipping Churches to REACH More People! The 2018 REACH Summit continues to build on our past success by offering an innovative approach different from other conferences. The REACH Summit is designed to spark creativity and inspire leadership to transform your church. Then, after the REACH Summit… Continue Reading REACH Summit 2018

REACH Summit Pre-Conference Intensive

REACH Summit Pre-Conference Intensive  Take your experience to a deeper level. Our featured speaker is Cathy Townley. Cathy is a worship specialist, coach and consultant. Her heart and passion is to help churches return to the heart of worship in a way that connects your with the very people in your neighborhood. The event takes… Continue Reading REACH Summit Pre-Conference Intensive

REACH Summit 2017

Spark Creativity, Inspire Leaders, Transform Your Church at Reach Summit 2017. Continue Reading REACH Summit 2017