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Jesus raises us up in love

Members of Wacousta: Community UMC

Rev. YooJin Kim shares examples of how her congregation has become a channel of God’s love and peace as the living body of Christ in her community.

Christmas is crazy

Mary and baby Jesus

The Christmas story, says retired pastor Sondra Willobee, is irrational, for it’s the story of a divine love that pushes the boundaries of what we thought possible.

Shine like the stars

Carina Nebula image from Webb telescope

As an amateur astronomer, Rev. Dr. Margie Crawford finds awe in the study of the stars, and encourages us to look to the heavens and live into the expansive love… Continue Reading Shine like the stars

Bishop David Bard offers Holy Week blessings

Holy Week 2022

Bishop Bard explores the “roller coaster of human emotion” we feel during Holy Week. Calling these seven days “a deep dive into human experience,” he encourages all to embrace resurrection.

Start the year with the Holy Spirit

Dove symbolizes Holy Spirit

The Rev. Paul Perez says, “I’m not a fan of January.” He turns to scripture and finds words of grace that lift the spirit. “You are one of God’s beloveds… Continue Reading Start the year with the Holy Spirit

Lessons from a snowball fight

The Rev. Benton Heisler finds spiritual meaning in his life-long practice of throwing things.

Love and Lent

In this edition of A Joyful Journey, Bishop David Bard shares a Lenten love story.

When there’s nothing to say

“One-size-fits-all clothes, one-size-fits-all platitudes never fit,” says Rev. Jason Michele.

Free Store blesses many

Over 5,600 families in St. Clair County shop at the Blue Water Free Store in Port Huron.

Home Words Bound

In his February blog, Benton Heisler reflects on God’s blessings, with or without sunshine.

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