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God is there in every sip

God comes in the morning

A memory from summer camp prompts Madison Myers to adopt a daily spiritual discipline. She invites God to be with her whenever she enjoys each hot cup of coffee.

Scripture key in WCA discipline

WCA meets on future of church

The WCA has released a first draft of Doctrines and Discipline, toward the possible creation of a new, traditionalist church.

WCA anticipates new, traditionalist church

WCA meets on future of church

The Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) recently held its fourth global gathering, drawing about 1,000 to Asbury UMC in Tulsa, Oklahoma with another 2,000 watching by simulcast.

Weighing in on a Way Forward

Bishop Kenneth Carter, President Council of Bishops

Nearly 30 briefs confront the Judicial Council as it considers constitutionality of 3 plans for reshaping The United Methodist Church.

Growing through ‘keystone habits’

Development of habits is a way to save willpower for important decision-making.

General Conference to look at bishop accountability

HEATHER HAHN United Methodist News Service What does it look like to hold bishops accountable? Over the past four years, a number of United Methodists have debated that question ─… Continue Reading General Conference to look at bishop accountability

Know your Discipline

From time to time we get questions as to what the Book of Discipline (BOD) actually says and means. This week we focus on the question What happens when someone… Continue Reading Know your Discipline

The Michigan Conference