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Radical faith for everyday

Intentionality guides two West Michigan women’s efforts to bring diversity and community into their families’ lives.

Home Words Bound

In his February blog, Benton Heisler reflects on God’s blessings, with or without sunshine.

A re-tradition of Wesley’s class

A new ‘class’ is coming. This is Part 3 of a three-part story on disciple making yesterday and today.

Radical Disciple Making

Radical Disciple Making; A Radically Different Conference. Continue Reading Radical Disciple Making

Wesley believed Black Lives Matter

Calling himself, “a white, middle-aged man who is an elder in the UMC,” Steve Manskar examines his racial biases.

5 things the UMC does right

Pastor and consultant Marty Cauley states, “This is my church, this is my family, and I’m staying.”

From Membership to Discipleship

Hand holding heart-shaped candy

This is a VCI training event for all coaches and consultants. Others are invited to attend as well. Continue Reading From Membership to Discipleship

Meet Michigan transformers

KAY DeMOSS Senior Editor-Writer, Michigan Area Seeking revitalization in the New Year? The Michigan Area introduces the Trinity of Transformation … three staff members who are ready to assist churches on the journey to new life. Dirk Elliott. Naomi Garcia. Gary Step. These faces are not new to the West Michigan and Detroit conferences. But… Continue Reading Meet Michigan transformers

Heartland District Conference 2015

The Heartland District Conference will feature Dr. Matthew Hook, Pastor at Dexter UMC focusing on “Discipleship.” Continue Reading Heartland District Conference 2015

Discipleship for Dummies

The Rev. Dan R. Dick writes the blog “United Methodeviations.” Dan calls himself “an advocate for a more loving, inclusive church for the 21st century and beyond.”

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