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Congregational Revitalization

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How old is your congregation?

Answering this question will assist you in answering where on the lifecycle your community of faith exists.

75 years is the average lifecycle of a congregation from birth until death, if there are no interventions. Throughout the years,  there will be times in the congregation's life when redefinition, redevelopment, or rebirth are necessary to continue growing a vibrant, thriving, spiritually mature community of faith.

Each lifecycle phase is determined by what primarily guides and directs the congregation's ministry and life together. The capitalized and bolded letters indicate the dominant questions the congregation is asking and influence all decisions they make.

Here is what they stand for:

V * vision (heart)  

Where will we go?


R * new relationships (arms)

With whom shall we go?


P * programs (hands & feet)

How will we get there?


S * structure (skeleton)

What form will help us arrive effectively?

Wherever on the lifecycle your congregation is, we are here to support you taking the next faithful step to making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

For additional information and/or a conversation around how to move forward, please connect with your pastor (so they are not surprised when we reach out to them) and send us an email.


Local Church Assessment

An opportunity for congregations to undertake an assessment process that studies their potential and viability to continue in ministry. Congregations hold limited energy and momentum to be and grow disciples. Status quo turns congregation to dust and the future requires complete transformation and resurrection from the ashes. Can they move beyond the status quo to a future that will require complete transformation?

Church Unique

An opportunity for spiritually alive congregations to take a deep dive envisioning their future. This initiative is for congregations who have lost the clarity of their vision and their life energy is diminishing. These congregations are fairly healthy and address conflict before it grows destructive to the community.

Restoring Relevancy

A three phase process: Reflect, Recreate, Reinvigorate, designed for small and medium congregations to discern the stumbling blocks and challenges in their past and present which have brought them to this stage in the life cycle and discern their next steps. Reflections are focused through the lens of Bishop Schnase’s Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations supplemented with financial, facility, and MissionInsite information.

Simplified Accountable Structure

This governance structure streamlines congregational leadership for increased growth and vitality. The structural shift places a priority on mission, eliminating the need for multiple administrative meetings. Congregations typically begin this process in January.

Last Updated on March 20, 2024

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