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Church Revitalization

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3. Register for Readiness to Launch (R2L) Beginning in January


Church Revitalization also known as Church Vibrancy, works with members of local churches who want to see their church grow.  Through a process called Roads to Vibrancy,  churches receive evaluation, development of a plan, and implementation of the next steps which include providing resources, offering support and coaching to pastors and leaders of the church.

There are multiple ways to get started.  First, you can discuss your interest in Church Vibrancy with your pastor and contact Church Vibrancy Associate Director Gary Step to get started.

After the Church Vibrancy Team has spoken with you, there are a variety of possible roads you will be guided down. These roads may, or may not, include the following:

Congregational Studies - Group studies from a variety of successful organizations.

Introductory Workshops - Individualized programs on mission, vision and values.

Church Unique Vision Framing - Consulting with highly trained facilitators in 360 assessment of your congregation.

Resourcing Your Vision - Videos, books, websites and other resources to develop 8 areas including; leadership, worship, mission, hospitality, preaching, governance and more.

You don't have to be guided here first, feel free to browse the many resources located in the red toolbox at  left.