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Church Broadcast School

Mark Doyal managing the Virtual action

Offering online worship is a critical need. Church Broadcast School (CBS) provides fundamental education, access to equipment, support, and systems for the ministry of online church.

This series is intended for churches with the least access to technical knowledge, equipment, volunteers, and internet but there is something to learn for churches at every stage.

If you are currently producing online worship using a cell phone, tablet, or basic web camera, CBS is for you!  The training will focus on improved outcomes for content development, delivery of worship, connecting with online worshipers, and other discipleship building opportunities online.

This training offers realistic solutions for online worship. Topics of the training include:

  • Recognizing quality online worship 
  • Focusing on quality content
  • Team building
  • Fundamentals of production
    • Streaming vs. on-demand
    • Live switch vs. editing
    • Shot composition 
    • Asset management
    • Fundamental Audio
    • Promotion and social media integration
  • Dealing with poor internet
  • Copyright and licensing
  • The power of collaboration
  • Where to invest
  • Acquiring equipment
Mark Doyal

Meet your instructor

Church Broadcast School is led by Mark Doyal, Michigan Conference Director of Communications. Mark has over 40 years of professional experience writing, directing, and producing video productions.  The curriculum has been developed in cooperation with other local church video technicians. 

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Episode One: Introduction

The faith-filled reasons you should broadcast your worship services, what you will learn in this series. Running time 13:30. Download PDF Summary

Episode Two: Quality online worship

What makes for a quality online worship experience? Dive into how other churches have succeeded in their online approach. Running time: 28:00. Download PDF Summary

Episode Three: Quality Online Audio

Hear the good news! You can only offer that with quality online audio. Learn the fundamentals of ensuring you can be heard with quality online audio. Running time 6:00. Download PDF Summary

Episode Four: Online Video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but not without quality online video! Learn the fundamentals of video for online worship. Running Time 13:50. Download PDF Summary

Episode Five: Streaming Systems

The faith-filled reasons you should broadcast your worship services, what you will learn in this series. Running time 13:30. Download PDF Summary

Episode Six: Live vs. Pre-Recorded Worship

Is it better to broadcast live or pre-record your worship services? This episode dives into the pros and cons of each approach and helps you determine the best avenue for your worship team. Running time 6:45. Download PDF Summary

Last Updated on October 30, 2023

The Michigan Conference