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Crisis and Trauma in Children


The world can seem like a big and scary place. Yet again, we learn of more acts of horrible violence in Christchurch, New Zealand. Children may or may not know about this latest news of violence, but they practice lock-down drills and active shooter drills at school. They may hear things on the TV or… Continue Reading Crisis and Trauma in Children

Bishop Bard invites Michigan Conference to pray

Message from Bishop Bard

Bishop David A. Bard invites Michigan United Methodists to pray along with the delegates and guests of the 2019 General Conference .

Anita Hahn

From: Northern Waters District Superintendent  To: Central Bay District — Midland: First UMC  Effective July 1, 2019

Blue Christmas for Children


By: Rev. Kathy Pittenger Children’s Initiatives Coordinator The days and weeks leading up to Christmas can be very exciting for children. But there are children among us who also may be experiencing negative emotions. The “Blue Christmas” service is becoming more common among churches. The service is often on or near December 21st, the winter… Continue Reading Blue Christmas for Children

What’s the Purpose of our Retreats?


What’s the purpose of our Retreats? During the Christians Engaged in Faith Formation (CEF) conference in Des Moines, Iowa in October 2018, I noticed speakers were emphasizing the distinction between being a church that is of service to its parishioners and being a church where parishioners are engaged in service. When people leave a church… Continue Reading What’s the Purpose of our Retreats?

Nailed It!


Nailed it! By: Rev. Cora Glass Waterford: Central United Methodist Church Have you been enjoying the show on Netflix called “Nailed It!”? Nailed It is a show where amateur bakers compete to replicate complicated cakes original perfected by expert pastry chefs. The result is final products that look and taste nothing like the model they… Continue Reading Nailed It!

Alina’s Reflections on CEF


After attending my first Christians Engaging in Faith Formation conference this year, I noticed that there were so many wonderful things and gems that I took home with me that I could reflect upon. I noticed recurring themes in keynote speeches of embracing change and a loving heart in our society: whether it be technological… Continue Reading Alina’s Reflections on CEF

Creativity in Faith Formation

Creativity is defined as using your imagination to come up with an idea, to create an object of art or to solve a problem. At the CEF conference in Des Moines, IA;  I attended two workshops on the theme of Creativity in Faith Formation. In the first workshop titled: Nurturing Children’s Natural Creativity by Barbara… Continue Reading Creativity in Faith Formation

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