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Being ourselves and living different

Youth choir at church conference

Young people from around the United Methodist connection, including one from Michigan, reflect on the ‘life-changing’ Youth 2023, held in Florida.

Getting through every season of life

Children going back to school

Back-to-school time is exciting but can also produce anxiety. Beth Pelkey, Northern Skies Co-District Lay Leader, shares some creative ways we can help our friends and neighbors.

Jesus modeled rigorous compassion

Queen Anne's Lace in the sunlight

Following Jesus’ example, we are called to extend rigorous compassion to anyone suffering and graciously recognize the imago dei in all persons, even those who do harm.

‘Can these bones live again?’

Green plant coming through dry, cracked ground

What is your dry bones story, and will you share it? Rev. Brian West says it’s worth the risk, and someone needs you to take the leap.

Learning to stay in the moment

Canoe next to a lake

Sondra Willobee takes to the rivers to find moments of God-time—kairos—where God breaks into our humdrum experience and finds us waiting.

Speak to the mind and the soul

Hotel at Chautauqua

Retired pastor John E. Harnish reflects on how the model of Chautauqua should inspire churches to speak to the intellect and mind as well as the soul and spirit.

Tuned to the tensions of faith

Player piano

Retired pastor Glenn Wagner shares important lessons learned through an heirloom player piano about living faithfully with life’s tensions.

Redeemed by God’s grace

Bible and cross

God can transform our mistakes into something beautiful, says Rev. Faith Timmons, and this is the message many people need to hear. So, how will you share this good news?

Let’s not wait another day

Task list

Too many ministry tasks await us, but Rev. Margie Crawford asks us to put distractions aside and focus on spreading good news.

Oh, how they shine

Light coming in window

Reminded of the death of a dear friend, Sondra Willobee reflects on what her friend taught her about meeting grief with grace and courage while waiting for peace to come.

The Michigan Conference