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Earn up to $300

Hopefully, by now, you are familiar with the Virgin Pulse program. It has traditionally been advertised as a program to get people moving, providing a pedometer to track steps. However, the Virgin Pulse program is truly a holistic health program. It is designed to help participants be healthier physically, spiritually and mentally.

If you aren’t a part of Virgin Pulse yet and you’re a part of our health insurance program (active or retired) you are eligible to participate.

You can earn up to $300 per year ($75 per quarter if you reach the maximum number of points in the quarter)! That’s completely free money and it can be used however you want – purchase health devices, gift cards to a variety of stores, give it to charity or deposit it in your bank account.

This is a benefit provided by your Conference Benefits Office. If you aren’t taking part in this benefit, you should start today. Contact the Conference Benefits Office to enroll.

If you’re already a part of Virgin Pulse, then here is a reminder that there are a variety of ways to earn those points. There is no reason anyone should not reach the $75 maximum quarterly reward. For instance, did you know that you can get points by taking time each day to listen to a short mindfulness/meditation recording called RethinkCare? It’s simple, doesn’t take much time and results in a more mindful, focused and less stressed day. That’s just one way to earn points. Take a look below to remind yourself how you can earn points this quarter and get your reward.

As always, if you have questions about the Virgin Pulse program, please reach out to the Conference Benefits Office.

Last Updated on December 1, 2023

The Michigan Conference