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Motown greets US-2

Reporting from Motown Mission … a new missionary who has come to the city to serve.
Motown Mission asked a few questions of their new young adult missionary, Lynda Sylvain. Here’s what she said about living, working and serving in Detroit.

Who are you?  
I am a protector,
I am a 25-year-old Haitian woman,
I am a woman trying to do better in this world,
I am a performer,
I don’t shy away from a crowd,
I am a helper,
I am an advocate, If you ever find yourself without a voice, you can guarantee that If I’m around, I will speak up for you. I will always stand up for what’s right in case of people being mistreated, bullying, etc.,
I say NO to the demands of the world. I say YES to the longings of my own heart.
I am a child of GOd trying to do right for his children of the world.
I am a young black woman trying to leave my mark in this world.

Why are you serving in Detroit?
Detroit wasn’t my first choice through my application process. I actually signed up for the international track but because of some health issues. The program thought it would be better for me to stay in the US. So, I ended up choosing California, Virginia, and Michigan. I didn’t get to choose Detroit, but I learned not to question where God sends me. I believe he has wonderful plans for me and my placement site that’s why he placed me here.

Detroit Conference is a Global Mission Fellow Affiliate coordinated by the Rev. Paul Perez. Motown Mission and NOAH Project are placement sites. Left-right: Amy Brown (NOAH Project Executive Director); Lynda Sylvian (Motown Mission US-2); Grace Okerson (NOAH Project US-2); Isaac Dunn (NOAH Project US-2); and Sarah Alexander (Motown Mission Director).

What is GMF? 
GMF, standing for Global Mission Fellow, is a missionary program from everywhere to everywhere. Missionaries are sent to different cities and countries to work with programs and communities that are fighting the injustice, helping the poor, and so on.

What are you excited about?
I’m excited about my job – so many skills to be learned, I’m excited to be helping and to get a hands-on experience. I’m excited to be in a new city, and to learn a new culture. I’m excited that I’m not in the same spot as I was a year ago. I’m excited about meeting new people. I’m nervous — and yet excited to see snow. To experience this sort of winter “screaming internally.”

What are you nervous about? 
I’m nervous about winter as previously mentioned. I am nervous about my job.
This is my second time working with non-profit so I’m usually used to the 90 days training etc, and after those 90 days, you never have to worry about me asking any questions ’cause I had the proper training. I usually know what I’m doing by then.
I’m never nervous once starting a new job cause I know how good I can be at what I do. I’ve been a little worried but I’ve been praying and God is working on me.

What are two things you are hoping to accomplish at Motown?  
1.) I can’t wait to get through my first assignment and first summer at Motown
2.) Just to be awesome at what I do.

Please join Motown Mission staff in supporting and praying for Lynda. She will be travelling to local churches to help raise her missionary salary. Contact Motown Mission to arrange a visit from Lynda: phone 313-718-2275 or email

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