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Take action to end world hunger

Child suffering from hunger eating at garbage pile

Hunger in the United States is affecting fewer households. It’s possible the world could be rid of it by 2030 through focused collaboration, according to the Bread for the World Institute. 

Circles grads ‘made it!’

Circles Grand Rapids rejoices as graduates achieve financial security, self-respect and systems of support.

Non-profits and budget cuts

Bread for the World says non-profits can not overcome proposed cuts to the Federal budget.

Tiny Homes on parade

Detroit Tiny Homes Progressive Tour was hosted by Cass Community Social Services May 25-27.

Changing face of rural ministry

An honest look at troubling realities and hopeful signs in America’s heartland.

The Motor (less) City

A US-2 working in Detroit shares how it is difficult to be without a car in the “Car Capital of the world.”

“With” raises awareness of poor

Cass Community included in “Ministry with” events teaching relationship-based ministries.

Four Areas of Focus reaffirmed

General Conference hears about the achievements, vision and goals of The UMC’s Four Areas of Focus.

Lakeside gifts church to homeless

God’s house will shelter the homeless as Muskegon Lakeside and Lake Harbor UMCs merge.

Mission that does no harm

Gena Thomas talks about serving with others and the difference between justice and charity.

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