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Youth Ministry Leader – Otsego United Methodist Church

The purpose of this position is to enable the Youth Ministries (Middle School and High School) of the Otsego United Methodist Church to teach and minister to and care for and reach out to Youth, and their parents in ways that demonstrate that our Church is a place where “Jesus Love Is Lived.”

The person chosen for this position will become part of the paid ministry team of the Otsego United Methodist Church and will work as a team with the Pastor, the Church Administrators, and other Church Leaders to accomplish their ministry. They will be directly accountable to the Pastor and the Staff-Pastor Parish Committee, who will provide evaluation.

To provide planning and leadership in conducting our Bible Study/Sunday School Ministries for Youth as needed. Currently Bible Study for both High School Youth and Middle School Youth take place on Sunday Mornings throughout the school year. During the covid-19 pandemic, this has been a hybrid mixture of in-person and on-line.

To provide planning and leadership of Youth Ministry & Youth Group events outside of the Sunday Morning Bible Study/Sunday School Ministry. During the covid-19 pandemic, this has been a hybrid mixture of in-person and on-line.

To Coordinate follow-up letters and contacts to Youth, and their families who visit the Church.

To Coordinate the use of electronic media and communication (FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TEXTING, WEBSITE, E-MAIL, ZOOM, ETC.) to plan, prepare, and carry out Youth Ministry activities and events.

There is flexibility with the position so the person chosen could do much of the above responsibilities at home or away from the Church. This has been especially true during the covid-19 pandemic.

Pay and Benefits (Obviously, these can grow, as the demands of this position and its responsibilities grow):
25 -30 hours per week at $16.00 per hour. Schedule flexible.
Matching retirement account (Simple Plan)
Money set aside for the Administration of this position.
Money set aside for training of the person in this position.
1 week off with pay at Christmas Time.
2 weeks off with pay during the Summer.

If interested contact Pastor Joe Shaler,, Otsego United Methodist Church, 223 E. Allegan Street, P.O. Box 443, Otsego, MI 49078, 269-694-2939,