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Water Summit FAQ

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Find Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Below

What is purpose of the Global Water Justice Summit?

The Global Water Justice Summit is an opportunity to center experts and advocates who see the potential to offer Christian leadership to the world focused on water equity and justice. The Summit will gather advocates, practitioners, and committed lay people together from around the world and US to cast a vision and strategy for how the church can provide unique leadership to channel “living streams of water” to water insecure settings across the North Central Jurisdiction and the world. In addition to these important portions of the day-and-a-half-long event, the Summit will facilitate attendees’ participation in break-out and small group activities focused on identifying, linking, and empowering water insecure settings with the resources and partnerships necessary to improve water security.

What should I expect ot get out of the Summit?

We hope that you will learn more about efforts to secure clean, safe drinking water globally. We hope that you will learn how to effectively support efforts to bring about water justice locally and internationally. We hope you are inspired to advocate for water justice and security.

Who can attend the Summit?

Anybody who is interested in water justice is welcome to attend the summit. We hope that the summit will be attended by clergy, laity, activists and practitioners of water justice. 


Is childcare available?

Yes, childcare is available at the Water Justice Summit. Please contact the church office with your childcare needs. 

Will onsite registration be available?

We hope to offer onsite registration, however, we cannot guarantee that we will have room available for extra registrants on the day of the event.  To ensure that you are able to attend, it would be best to register in advance.

Is there a preferred hotel for the Summit?

Yes. A block of rooms have been set aside at the Hotel St. Regis.  Go to, and under reservations select ADD CODE.  Enter MCMC to receive a negotiated rate of $109/night (a savings of $60-$80 per night).  There is a $20/night fee for overnight parking. 

Do I have to be committed to water justice to attend this event?

All are welcome to attend this event, as global water justice affects us all.  You can come to learn more about global water justice issues, and current efforts to provide safe, accessible water globally and locally.

Can I come to a portion of the Summit?

Yes, you can come to a portion of the summit. We ask that you register for the event regardless of whether you plan to attend one day or the whole event.