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First-time sermon inspires hope

A young pastor in Tennessee went to the pulpit on his opening Sunday to bless and be blessed.

Holston Conference Call

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (July 19, 2017) — I saw a young pastor preach on his first Sunday at his first church, and it made me cry.

No, the sermon wasn’t bad. It was pretty good, actually. He spoke about not letting other people define you, about not selling your God-given birthright. His message, from Genesis 25, made me think about some personal struggles in a new way.

He said he thought it was appropriate to begin with Genesis – for his first sermon, on his first day in ministry.

That was the second time I teared up.

The first time happened near the beginning of the worship service. The lay leader introduced the new pastor, and then invited the congregation to come lay hands on him in prayer.

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