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Changing pastors? It’s okay!

The District Superintendent calls … “Your pastor is leaving.” What do you do next?

In the months of June and July, many United Methodist congregations are in the midst of a pastoral change. It has been announced that the pastor we have known for years is being appointed to another congregation or retiring, and a new pastor is on the way.

In this conversation with United Methodist Communication’s Joe Iovino, the Rev. Robert Kaylor, shares ideas on how we might be receptive to new clergy leadership and help our congregation move through this season of transition.

Mostly, though, Rev. Kaylor wants each of us going through a pastoral change to know that everything is going to be okay.

This podcast is part of a series, “Getting Your Spirit in Shape.” Click here to listen/download and to find other resources that will make a “Best Move” for all concerned.

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