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View Connectional Conversation video

Bishop Bard speaks from his office in Lansing

Bishop David Bard has almost completed his circuit of Connectional Conversation. This video provides an opportunity to hear his opening presentation.

Since Annual Conference 2018, Bishop David Bard has traveled the state conducting listening sessions. The purpose of his road trip, accompanied by Michigan delegates to the 2019 General Conference, is to share information, hear concerns, and answer questions about the One Church Plan recommended by the Council of Bishops.

This video offers his introduction and power point that he presents at each listening session. The presentation outlines the issues United Methodists face and the possible solutions.

For more about A Way Forward, click here.

Two listening sessions remain:November 29: Ann Arbor, First UMC, 7 p.m. and December 6: Lansing: Area Ministry Center, 7 p.m.


The Michigan Conference