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Trustees amend Disaffiliation terms

disaffiliation policy change

An updated version of the formal agreement of Disaffiliation and Withdrawal from the United Methodist Church has been approved by the Michigan Conference Board of Trustees.

Based on legislation passed at the 2019 General Conference, the Judicial Council designated each annual conference board of trustees with the responsibility to establish the “terms and conditions” for disaffiliation. As a result, the Trustees of The Michigan Conference formulated a plan, the details of which can be found on the conference website, Trustees – Disaffiliation.

Since the establishment of the plan, the 2020 Michigan Annual Conference approved the disaffiliation of Shabbona, East Boardman, and North Adams United Methodist churches. In 2021 the Trustees presented one church completing the process for withdrawal from The Michigan Conference. Conference members voted to approve the disaffiliation of Duffield United Methodist Church.  

Jim LeBaron, Chair of the Michigan Conference Board of Trustees, now reports, “The Trustees, in their meeting of July 8, 2021, amended the Disaffiliation/Withdrawal term relating to the release of the trust clause governing all assets related to the local church. In an effort to remove any subjectivity, the board adopted a payment related to the current year’s Ministry Share allocation replacing the determination of a 10% equity component. The updated version of the formal agreement is now available on the 

 Please see the replacement text below for section 4.a.i :

4. Local Church’s obligation. Unless a different date is specified, the Local Church must by no later than the withdrawal date, do the following

a. Payments. Prior to the Withdrawal Date, Local Church must pay to Annual Conference, in a manner specified by Annual Conference, the following:

i.Unless there is a deed restriction (other than the general applicability of the trust clause) limiting the ownership or use of a property to a United Methodist purpose or entity, Local Church must pay an amount equal to two times the current year’s Ministry Share allocation totaling $___________, in exchange for the Annual Conference’s release of the trust clause so that Local Church can retain its real and personal, tangible and intangible property. This component is distinct from and in addition to any reference to Ministry Share or apportionment payments required hereafter.

See full document as amended.