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Welcome to the Michigan Conference…. ALMOST!

Hello All,

The merger between the Detroit Annual Conference and the West Michigan Conference has been in the works for a long time and we are finally here!  Not so fast…  It is true that we have created this new combined website, boards have begun to meet together and combine, the new Districts have been formed and named and more importantly we feel merged, but the reality is that we are not legally and financially merged until January 1, 2019.  This is a very important distinction for us in the Treasury Department and let me explain why.

We must continue to act like we are two separate entities until January 1st because our finances and accounting systems will be separate until then.  There is much work going on behind the scenes to make sure that we are ready for the first of the year.   But until that day there are some things you must remember:

  • You must make checks payable to the Detroit or West Michigan Conference.
  • Please make sure to send payments with the correct form for each Conference and to the correct Lockbox.
  • You must also use separate vouchers for the Detroit and West Michigan Conferences.
  • In combined meetings, you still must indicate on forms which Conference you are from
  • Please do not change forms to read, “Michigan Annual Conference”, we will change the forms at the appropriate time.

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.  We are doing our very best to keep everyone informed of the upcoming changes and addressing issues as they arise.  We know that this is a time of big changes and that it can be very stressful!  Please feel free to contact us in the Treasury Department with any questions or concerns.

Blessings to you all and your work for the Kingdom,

Rich Pittenger
Accounts Receivable Clerk
517-347-4030 ext. 4134