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Ministry Shares and Special Giving

July 18, 2019

Hello All,Coffee and Computer, Doing Ministry Shares Work

Here are a few thoughts about Ministry Shares and Special Giving as we continue through this year. 

Special Giving on Remittance Forms

  • Our office has been receiving multiple communications in regards to the Ministry Shares remittance form and how to include Special Giving that is not a Special Sunday.  The process is basically the same as it has been in the past, except that there is no designated area on the form in which to write the donation information.  The following information is how the Special Giving works on our forms:
    If you receive money for a Conference Engage Project, a Missionary, or a General Advance, all you need to do is write the project name, project number (you can find the number in the Engage MI book or on the GBGM website for General Advances: umcmission.org) and the amount on the front of the form in a blank space.  If you would prefer you can put all of the special giving on a separate piece of paper or on the check stub if it can fit legibly.  The one thing that you cannot do is write on the back of the form because the bank does not scan the reverse side of the sheet. 

    That is how to include special givings with your Ministry Shares Remittance, write in on the sheet (or elsewhere, except on the back!) and include it on the check and that’s it.  The next month you will receive another statement with the record of what was given in the previous month.  We send this type of statement with the hope that you will check the statement against your records to make sure that things are being applied properly and so we can catch mistakes early on when they are easier to correct.

2020 Ministry Shares Calculations

  • The Treasurer’s Office will be working on Conference Ministry Shares Calculation Sheets for 2020 in the next month and they will be sent out in August.  Please keep an eye out for them in a large white envelope with a neon sticker that says “2020 Ministry Shares”.  One copy will be sent to the Pastor of the Church and another will be sent to the Church office. 

    If you have questions regarding how they are calculated, please see the article that was written by the Conference Treasurer, David Dobbs at: https://michiganumc.org/treasury-post/ministry-shares-faq/

    We are also putting together some informational sheets about what our Ministry Shares support and why they are vital to keeping the ministries of the church going.  We hope that this will be a valuable resource to share with people in the Church when they ask about why Ministry Shares are necessary.

Closed Projects and Lockbox Issues

  • Our office is still receiving a high volume of donations for projects that are no longer active.  The most common project that we receive funds for continues to be Haiti Hot Lunch.  Please see the article that was written about the closing of this project: https://michiganumc.org/treasury-post/haiti-hot-lunch-news/  If you have given funds to this or some other closed project, you will receive a form with your statement asking you how you would like these funds to be redistributed.  Please send the sheets back to or contact Rich Pittenger at rpittenger@michiganumc.org to get those funds moved appropriately. 
  • The mixing of payments between the different Lockboxes has been a source of delay for payments being applied properly.  In order to make everything run more efficiently, please make sure to double-check that you are sending the right payment to the correct Lockbox.  Our office has created a road map of payments that you can find here:  https://michiganumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Whatgoeswhere4.pdf 

    Our efforts to make sense of the myriad of payments are as follows: create the above road map sheet, include the remittance address on each of the statements and to include a pre-addressed envelope with the statements.  We hope to make things more efficient as we move forward.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please contact the Treasury Department.

Thank you for all of the work and energy that you all pour into your ministry at the Church.  May God continue to bless you and your congregations.

In Christ,

Rich Pittenger 
Michigan Conference UMC
Accounts Receivable Clerk

Michigan Conference Center North
1161 E. Clark Rd., Ste. 212
DeWitt, MI 48820
(517) 347-4030   ext. 4134