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2020 Special Sunday Schedule

Your Gifts Make a World of Difference!

Six times throughout the year, United Methodist congregations celebrate church-wide Special Sundays with offerings. Your support is critical to the survival of these important ministries and for sharing God’s gifts around the world. Your support matters!  For more information, click here.

Church-wide Special Sundays with offerings enable United Methodists like you to offer refuge in times of disaster, promote peace and justice, provide scholarships and student loans, reach out to the community, teach skills to encourage self-sufficiency and share the love of Jesus Christ with God’s people everywhere

Special Offerings are scheduled for particular Sundays during the year (you can see the listings below,) but your church may choose other dates to receive these gifts if you choose. If you have questions about any of the specific Special Sunday offerings, click the links below for a description of each Special Sunday.

Church-Wide Special Sundays
To order free envelopes for these Sundays, click here:
• Human Relations Day – January 19, 2020
• UMCOR Sunday – March 22, 2020
• Native American Sunday – April 26, 2020
• Peace With Justice Sunday – June 7, 2020
• World Communion Sunday – October 4, 2020
• United Methodist Student Sunday – November 29, 2020

Conference Special Sundays
• Golden Cross Sunday – May 17, 2020
      • This offering stays in the Michigan Conference and is split between six different projects.
        The six projects are: Joy Southfield, Chelsea Home, Clark Retirement, Bronson Hospital, Methodist
        Children’s Home, and MI Area Camping.
• Christian Education Sunday – August 23, 2020
      •Christian Education Sunday is a special offering that supports lifelong faith formation and camping experiences in the Michigan Conference.
      Specifically, the offerings support grants for local churches, training for church leaders, resources, camp experiences and more.
• Rural Life Sunday – September 13, 2020
      • Strengthens the work of ministries in towns and rural areas of concern in the Michigan Conference.
• Disability Awareness Sunday – October 18, 2020 (offering optional)
      • Funds projects and awareness to make our Churches more accessible and welcoming for those with
      disabilities.  For more information click here: 

Other Special Sundays without Set Dates
Informational Special Sundays with an optional offering.
• Africa University Day
     • Africa University empowers the students to leave the university skilled in their fields and with a desire
     to contribute to their nations. 
     For more information click here:
• RELC Sunday (Racial Ethnic Local Church)
     • Supports the ethnic ministries in the Michigan Conference.
• VIM Awareness
     • Volunteers in Mission do short-term mission projects at their own expense.  This fund helps to
     support those going on these trips financially.  For more information about Volunteers in Mission please
     click here: