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Urban farmers bless Flint

A solution to problem water in Flint has been found by going back to the soil.

A step forward for Flint

As the church provides water relief in Flint, the court is requiring the state to fund pipe replacement and more.

A gift for Flint’s children

Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey will soon leave Michigan. The Area is invited to honor her with a gift to Flint’s children.

Adrian panel discusses Flint water

A panel discussion “What Can We Learn from the Flint Water Crisis” was held April 16 at Adrian College.

Hope for the long haul

As solutions for the water crisis are being explored, the immediate relief of Flint residents continues.

Bishop’s Flint Appeal Online

Dear friends: The Flint Water Crisis has troubled me deeply and my prayers go out to the people of Flint.

Serving Living Water

KAY DeMOSS Senior Editor-Writer, Michigan Area Two months before the water crisis in Flint reached the international headlines, Peter Plum was hired by the Crossroads District of The United Methodist… Continue Reading Serving Living Water

The Michigan Conference