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Uncharted territory

The Rev. John Boley encourages The Michigan Conference to embrace the adventure of living in uncertain times.

The tone of ministry

In this Drinking the Cup, the Rev. John Boley reflects on clergy morale … it’s good.

The 4th quarter … part 2

The Rev. John Boley describes changes that will enhance the life of the new Michigan Conference.

At the 4th quarter

The Rev. John Boley celebrates the work of the Conference Design Team.

Idolatry: part 2

After writing about the idolatry of racism, Rev. John Boley invites reflection on idolatry of sexual abuse.

Call it what it is … sin and idolatry

In this month’s Drinking the Cup, the Rev. John Boley addresses the “idolatry of whiteness.”

Tribalism and following Christ

In his January blog, the Rev. John Boley takes a look at Jesus’ new understanding of “family.

Beyond circumstances

The Rev. John Boley reflects on the depth of grace symbolized in the lighting of the Advent Candles.

New life … no going back

In this chapter of “Drinking the Cup,” the Rev. John Boley talks about the forward march of history.

Inspired by daily life

This month’s Drinking the Cup describes how ordinary things can inspire extraordinary experiences.

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